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Cummins switched the Multi-Pulse typical Rail injection methods. This method reduced NOX emissions a lot more because of the high pressure of which the fuel is shot into the cylinder. Diesel gas coming into the cylinder at 20,000+ Pounds per square inch goes into the engine in a fog like a condition. This diesel requires less fuel to be inserted into the engine to perform each action. This smaller amount of gas may also achieve a lot of comprehensive burns.


The only drawback along with the common rail injection method is the quantity of purification required to maintain the injectors working properly. Bosch needs the injectors to be filtered at 2 microns; the factory provided filtration system from Mopar is an eight to ten micron filtration system. Moving to small parts of dirt 6 microns more than the injector are equipped for the leading source of injector failure within the typical rail engines.

The good thing about the typical Rail Injection method is the fact that it is completely managed by electronics. Diesel looked down on in the starting because of sensor losers and wiring problems.

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